About us

Why Join Us?

Several reasons why people join the Association:
1. Our Association provides opportunities for members to grow in their field;
2. We give a public voice to people that might otherwise be ignored;
3. We act as a watchdog for the well-being of the industry as a whole;
4. Becoming a member of the industry we give you fast pass to any noteworthy news or developments;
5. Association gives you a resource to learn best practices in the field. If you are a newly established company ignorance of best practices can pose a serious business and reputational risk;
6. We provide professional development opportunities in the form of workshops, seminars where you can learn from other members and take advantage of each other’s experiences;
7. Participation in events can give the members a chance to form valuable connections, trade shows and exhibitions help you stay up-to-date on the industry developments;

Our Objectives and Tasks

-Representing travel industry and tour operators’ interests;
- Maintaining communication between government agencies and private sector.
- Promoting legislative reforms;
- Securing skilled personnel through training programs. Assisting high educational institutions in shaping programs according to the needs of business enterprises;
- Expanding business opportunities for our members, providing a platform for the exchange of experience, contacts with tour operators from other countries: Organizing fam-trips, roundtables, panel of discussions, workshops.
- Supporting sustainability and social responsibility in the industry;
- Counselling of members, especially legal problems and taxation.
- Participating in shaping public policy for tourism;
- Cooperating with International organizations and Foreign Missions Representations in Armenia.
- Promoting tour product, active involvement in different kinds of festivals, fostering rural tourism.

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